2d Animation

Make Your own 2d Cartoon Anime World

From little casual games to AAA titles, we offer 2D animation services for games of all sizes. Professional 2D animators at our firm work with video game characters, settings, and objects to shape their interactions and produce a digital masterpiece that gamers can enjoy.

Services We Offer

2D Character Animation

As a specialised 2D animation company, we create unique animation sequences that correspond with the expected behaviour of the game's characters. To create captivating and realistic animations, our animators take into account the characteristics, eccentricities, and personalities of each character.

2D Frame Animation

Using the traditional animation process, we build animation sequences frame-by-frame, giving us more control over the finished product. Our group produces intricate animation sequences that are unmatched.

2D Spine Animation

We integrate skeleton rigs to objects and characters using the newest visual editing technologies, resulting in fluid animation sequences. To create realistic animation through seamless interpolation, our animators put up postures and identify keyframes.

2D Environment Animation

Our group develops environment animations in accordance with the tone and ambiance of the scenario. To increase the scene's visual impact, we employ the proper effects while maintaining the proper scale and proportions.

2D Props Animation

Gamelauncher uses a thorough grasp of the mechanics of actual objects to animate props. We identify each prop's purpose in the game and animate it to draw the audience's attention in the direction we want it to go.

2D Product Animation

We produce simple and succinct visual representations that effectively highlight the key components, features, and advantages of the product. Our team produces work that is as polished and reliable as that of the top 2D animation studios by utilising the greatest animation methods.