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Our company offers 3D animation services for games, with a focus on producing lifelike virtual characters and game elements. Our 3D animation artists are capable of handling challenging tasks and have unmatched expertise and experience with cutting-edge tools and technology.

Services We Offer

3D Rigging

In order to allow the animators to create intricate expressions and movements, we incorporate rigs at all the appropriate locations within the model. Our crew carefully configures the rigs so that the animator may control the model's motions to a great extent.

3D Character Animation

To assist gamers fully immerse themselves in the setting, we animate figures and give them realistic movement. Our animators are very skilled in defining the behaviour and logic of animation, optimising using the newest compression techniques, and integrating 3D animation into the Unity and Unreal pipelines.

3D Props Animation

After carefully considering the importance and function of each prop in the scenes, we animate them. To produce the appropriate effects and motions, our animators pay close attention to timing, spacing, weight, and other details.

3D Environment Animation

Our team creates animations for 3D settings at various scales according to the demands of the game. Our team of animators works as a specialised 3D animation studio, enhancing settings with subtle but powerful motions and effects.

3D Product Animation

The 3D product animations made by Gamelauncher's animators help to effectively convey a product's qualities and advantages. As a top supplier of 3D animation services, we carefully consider the product and how it will affect the intended client before beginning any animation.

Animation Storyboard

Animation sequences are conceptualised and meticulously illustrated in our storyboards. To assist offer a clear direction going ahead, our team finds the important frames in the scene and visualises them taking into account the camera angles and mise-en-scene.