Environment Design

Create Your Awesome Open World Interactive Environment

Our team of designers for game environments creates immersive visual designs for video games, ranging from beautiful wide vistas to complex internal architecture. We have worked on several challenging projects throughout the years, providing our clients with the greatest gaming environment design services.

Services We Offer

Open-World Environments

Many of the best games are built around intricate open environments. Our artists work together to jointly construct enormously expansive game environments, from concept to assigning several distinct regions.

Concept Art

Our concept artists contribute to the development of the early thoughts in order to choose an appropriate art style before the environment art production begins. Our artists investigate a variety of intriguing concepts and refine them until they arrive at the best one.

Procedural Environment Design

Our artists collaborate with knowledgeable developers to produce gaming environments that are produced procedurally. Each component of the gaming environment is the outcome of the union of painstakingly crafted art and programming.

Interactive Environments

In keeping with the level concept, our artists build interactive surroundings with lots of touchpoints. The scene's interactive and non-interactive components have both been thoughtfully designed to give the user a smooth experience.

Props and Objects Design

Props are essential for providing the highest level of immersion. We create objects that are in keeping with the selected graphic style and neatly complement the in-game setting. Every prop item is made by skilled artisans.

VR and AR Gaming Environments

Particular design decisions must be made for VR and AR. Our artists are experts in creating 3D environments for AR and VR that provide the highest degree of immersion.