Mobile Game Development

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For iOS and Android, we provide complete mobile game development services. As a leading game app development company, we have produced games in every genre while upholding the best standards of quality in the business.

We make amazing games for iOS and Android. We provide creative solutions to creative gaming companies, and startups. Our team of skilled developers, designers, art directors, UX professionals, animators, and tech specialists is dedicated to continuous innovation for profitable games. We are one of the seasoned mobile game development firms.

Services We Offer

Full-Cycle Mobile Game Development

Our mobile game developers have worked with game engines like Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, PlayCanvas, and Phaser to produce native and cross-platform games. To guarantee user and client pleasure, we integrate project management, creativity, and technology.

Mobile Game Art, Design, & Animation

For what reason does art become "sticky?" It's the blending of powerful symbols, minute details, and character design. Our talented artists create magnificent and captivating environments, creating exceptional animation and art design for mobile games that captivate viewers with captivating visuals.

Mobile Game Prototyping

At Gamelauncher Studio, we turn your game idea into a functional prototype, allowing assessment of your core features and mechanics. We quickly create prototypes using industry-leading tools, setting the foundation for feedback and refinement and ensuring your game's potential is realized.

UI/UX Logic Design & Execution

The Gamelauncher UI/UX design team combines game logic with spatial design, storytelling, and cognition. Our extensive background in enhancing design principles and harmonising technology and research enables us to produce engaging, useful flows that engage users in a sympathetic manner.


Using player data collected in real-time, our skilled LiveOps services optimise in-game economies and foster player communities while creating captivating gaming experiences. This guarantees that your game will remain relevant, last a long time, and generate revenue comparable to that of the top mobile game developers.

Mobile Game Testing

Our testing division works in tandem with our team of mobile game app developers to guarantee that problem discovery, testing, and integration adhere to industry standards. Our QA team has managed over 500 different game projects.