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New Construct 3 : From Beginner to Game Pro

Have you ever wanted to make your own video games but felt overwhelmed by complicated coding? Well, say goodbye to those worries. Welcome to Construct 3, a game-making tool that turns your creative ideas into reality without needing to understand complex code. Picture a world where you can design games effortlessly, build levels, and give life to your imagination – all without the need for coding. Construct 3 makes this dream come true, inviting creators of all levels to jump into the exciting world of game development.

Whether you’re a skilled programmer looking for a faster way to create prototypes, a newcomer to game development, or an artist with a vision to share, Construct 3 is the ideal platform for you.

This blog is your guide to discovering the wonders of construct 3 games. Join me as we explore its features, dive into tutorials, and reveal the secrets to crafting engaging games. From the basics of visual scripting to advanced techniques and community resources, our journey together will transform your game ideas into playable wonders.

Are you ready to let out your inner game maker? Get ready for an adventure as we explore the limitless possibilities of construct 3 games and construct 3 tag.

Making video games involves using different tools. Some popular ones are:

  • Unity: This tool can make both 2D and 3D games.
  • Unreal Engine: Known for its fancy graphics and advanced features, often used for big-budget games.
  • Godot: A free tool that many people use, suitable for beginners and experts.
  • GameMaker Studio 2: This tool is easy to use and great for making 2D games quickly.
  • Construct 3: A tool with pictures and easy steps for building 2D games, suitable for both new and experienced game makers.

Construct 3 is special because it’s easy to use, has lots of pictures, and many extra things you can add. This makes it good for people of all ages who want to make games. Some important things about Construct 3 are:

  • Easy Scripting: You don’t need to know coding. Construct 3 lets you use pictures to make your game work, so anyone can make games.
  • Lots of Stuff to Use: There are many pictures, sounds, and special things you can use. You can also put in your own things to make your games special.
  • Works Everywhere: You can make games for computers, phones, and the internet all at once. This saves time because you only need to do it once.
  • Help from Others: Many people use construct 3 games, so you can ask them for help and share ideas.

Why Tags Are Important in Games

Using tag construct 3 helps in different parts of making games, such as:

  • Staying Organized: Tags help you find things quickly, like pictures and sounds, making it easier to work on your game.
  • Making Events Happen: You can use tags to make special things happen in your game, like when a character does something important.
  • Managing Information: Tags help keep track of scores, achievements, and things you collect in the game.
  • Creating Interesting Levels: Construct 3 tag make it easy to make levels with special things, making the game more interesting.

Using tag construct 3 helps game makers work better, make their games more interesting, and have fun doing it.

Credits : Matthew Marquit

Construct 3 Overview

Target AudienceBeginners, aspiring developers, artists, designers, anyone with a passion for game development
Coding Experience RequiredNo
InterfaceUser-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality
Development SpeedRapid prototyping, quick iteration cycles
Game DesignSupports various genres, including platformers, puzzles, RPGs, action games, and pixel speedruns
Cross-Platform CompatibilityExport games to PC, web, mobile (iOS and Android), and consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4)
Key FeaturesVisual scripting, real-time collaboration, extensive asset library, plugin support, tagging system
BenefitsAccessible, easy to learn, efficient development process, cross-platform reach, empowers creativity
LimitationsMay not be suitable for complex, high-performance games
ResourcesOfficial tutorials, documentation, community forums, YouTube tutorials, online courses
Construct 3

Table of Contents

The Evolution of Construct 3 Game Engine

Early Days (2007-2014):

In the beginning, Scirra set the stage for game creation:

  • 2007: Scirra introduced Construct Classic, a tool for making web-based games.
  • 2011: The more advanced Construct 2 hit the scene, bringing powerful features and support for exporting games to HTML5.
  • 2014: Construct 2 gained global recognition with over 4 million downloads, becoming a top choice for crafting 2D games.

Birth of Construct 3 (2015-2017):

Witness the emergence of Construct 3 and its promising features:

  • January 2015: The announcement of construct 3 games, promising significant improvements and exciting new features.
  • February 2017: More details surfaced, revealing Mac and Linux support, multi-language capabilities, and an official plugin SDK for expanding the editor.
  • March 2017: The public beta of Construct 3 kicked off, allowing early adopters to explore, test, and provide valuable feedback.

Rise and Expansion (2018-Present):

Experience the continued growth and refinement of Construct 3:

  • February 2018: Construct 3 officially launched, marking a new era for the game engine.
  • 2019: Construct Arcade, a platform for sharing games created with Construct 2 and 3, underwent a major revamp, enhancing stability and introducing new features.
  • 2020: Construct 3 received ongoing updates, introducing features like the Physics Editor and enhancements to the Sprite Editor.
  • 2023: Construct 3 remains a favored choice for both beginners and seasoned developers, boasting a thriving community and an expanding library of plugins and assets.

Key Milestones:

  • 2017: Public beta launch
  • 2018: Official launch
  • 2019: Construct Arcade revamp
  • 2020: Physics Editor and Sprite Editor enhancements
  • 2023: Ongoing growth and development


Construct 3 has transformed game development, breaking down barriers and making it accessible to all:

  • It has empowered a diverse community of creators.
  • The platform continues to be an invaluable tool for aspiring developers of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Construct 3’s impact is ongoing, fostering creativity and enabling the realization of game development dreams.

II. Construct 3: A Game Developer’s Fun Space

Construct 3 is more than just a tool for making games; it’s like a playground where developers of all skill levels can have fun being creative and innovative. Let’s explore the cool features that make Construct 3 a top pick for making games.

A. Easy-to-Understand Features of Construct 3:

  • User-friendly interface: Construct 3 has a smooth and easy-to-use design. It’s like a friendly guide, whether you’re new to making games or have been doing it for a while.
  • Drag-and-drop game development: Forget about confusing codes. Construct 3 lets you build your game by dragging and dropping things. You connect events and actions visually, making game development super easy, even if you don’t know how to code.
  • Real-time collaboration: Work together with your friends on your game project at the same time. Construct 3 allows multiple people to work together, making game creation a team effort. It’s like working on a project together in the same room, but you can be miles apart.

B. Why Construct 3 is Great for Making Games:

  • Works everywhere: Your game can go on many devices without much effort. With construct 3 games, you can make your game for computers, the internet, and even game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. It’s like making one thing that fits everywhere.
  • Quick testing of ideas: Construct 3 makes it easy to test your game ideas fast. You can try different things and get feedback before spending a lot of time on your game. This way, you save time and make sure your game is going in the right direction.
  • No need to be a coding expert: You don’t have to be a coding genius to use Construct 3. It’s made for everyone, whether you’re an artist, a designer, or just someone who loves games. You can create complex game stuff without typing lots of code.

Construct 3 is like a superpower for making games. It breaks down the barriers, so everyone can make the games they dream about. With its easy features, friendly design, and the ability to work on different devices, Construct 3 is the perfect place for developers of all levels to have fun, be creative, and bring their game ideas to life.

Credits : Xanderwood

III. Construct 3 Games: Where Creativity Takes Flight

Imagine a special tool that lets you turn your coolest ideas into amazing games. That’s what Construct 3 is all about. Let’s check out some popular games made with Construct 3 and explore the super fun world of pixel speedruns.

These Awesome Games Created with Construct 3 do You Know ?

  • Red Tie Runner: Picture a game that feels like an action movie filled with danger and excitement. Red Tie Runner is known for its easy controls, exciting levels, and a story that keeps you hooked. People who use Construct 3 love playing this game.
  • Flux construct 3: Ever wonder about a game that tries out new and amazing things with Construct 3? Flux construct 3 is exactly that. With special moves, awesome graphics, and an immersive experience, it shows just how cool Construct 3 can be.

These are just two examples, but Construct 3 lets you create all sorts of games, from puzzles to adventures and more.

Exploring Pixel Speedruns with Construct 3:

  • What are pixel speedrun games?

Pixel speedruns are like games from the past, with small, pixelated graphics. The catch? You have to go super fast, use quick reflexes, and be really good at the game to get the best times.

  • How Construct 3 makes pixel speedrun games awesome:

Construct 3 is the perfect tool for making pixel speedrun games because it’s easy to use and comes with fantastic features. With Construct 3, you can:

  • Create simple controls for fast action.
  • Design challenging levels that test your skills.
  • Make cool physics for responsive gameplay.
  • Use pixel art to give your game a nostalgic and cool look.
  • Super Cool Pixel Speedrun Games Made with construct 3 games:

Check out these awesome games made with Construct 3:

  • Celeste: Jump through tough levels with precision moves.
  • HyperParasite: Engage in fast battles and take control of enemies.
  • Nuclear Throne: Survive in a tough world with enemies and mutations.

These games show how Construct 3 can help make fun and challenging pixel speedrun games that people all over the world enjoy.

Construct 3 is like a magical tool that lets anyone turn their ideas into amazing games. It’s easy to use, has cool features, and a big community. With Construct 3, you can keep creating new and exciting games in all kinds of styles, including the super popular pixel speedrun games.

IV. The Magic of Tagging in Construct 3

Tags might seem like a small thing, but they’re like a superhero tool in making games organized and cool. In construct 3 tag are super important because they help with:

  • Keeping things organized: Use tags to label your game stuff like pictures, sounds, and animations. This makes it easy to find things in your big project and keeps everything tidy.
  • Making events happen: Tags can be like magic words that make special things occur in your game. When certain labeled things show up, exciting events can take place, making your game even more awesome.
  • Handling game info: Construct 3 tag help keep track of game details, like scores, achievements, and items. It’s like having neat folders for all the important stuff, so nothing gets lost.
  • Creating cool levels: You can use tags to label special areas or things in your game levels. This gives you more control over what happens and makes your game levels even more interesting.
  • Working with others: When you’re working with friends on a game, using tags in the same way helps everyone understand how things are organized. It’s like speaking the same language and makes teamwork super smooth.

Tags are like little helpers that make game creation super smooth. Here’s why they’re awesome:

  • Find things faster: When your game stuff has tags, it’s like putting labels on everything. Finding what you need becomes quick and easy, so you spend more time creating and less time searching.
  • See the big picture: Tags give you a clear picture of your game project. You can see how everything connects, and nothing feels out of place. It’s like having a map for your game creation journey.
  • Work faster and smarter: With tags organizing your game stuff, you can do cool things like changing a bunch of stuff at once or exporting specific parts of your game. It’s like having a superpower that makes everything faster and smarter.
  • Teamwork made easy: When everyone uses tags the same way, working with others becomes a breeze. It’s like everyone speaking the same language, and your game project becomes a harmonious team effort.

Using Tags in Construct 3: Step by Step

1. Sorting Your Game Stuff:

  • Big categories: Start by putting your game stuff into big groups, like “pictures,” “sounds,” “animations,” and “objects.”
  • Little groups: Inside each big group, make smaller groups, called subcategories. For example, in “pictures,” you might have “characters,” “enemies,” and “environment.”
  • Add tags: Give each piece of your game stuff tags based on its big and little groups. You can also add special tags for more details.

2. Making Your Game Efficient:

  • Magic events: Use tags to make cool things happen when your game stuff with specific tags does something special, like colliding with other stuff or going to specific places. This adds excitement and variety to your game.
  • Handling data: Tags help you manage important game info, like scores and items. It’s like having well-organized folders for all your game data.
  • Sort and do stuff: Use tags to quickly find and work on specific game stuff. It’s like having a filter that shows only what you need, making your game creation process smoother.

Tags are like the secret sauce in Construct 3 that makes everything organized and fun. By understanding how tags work and using them wisely, you become a game-making wizard, creating awesome and polished games that everyone loves. So, go ahead, tag it up, and let the magic begin.

V. Red Tie Runner construct 3: Exploring a Cool Game

A. Enjoyable Gameplay:

Playing Red Tie Runner construct 3 is like going on a fun adventure. Here’s why:

  • Easy but tricky: Red Tie Runner has easy controls, but it’s still a challenge. You jump and dash to tackle obstacles and avoid baddies.
  • Cool levels: Each level is full of surprises. You solve puzzles, jump on tricky platforms, and use your skills to reach the end.
  • Gets tougher slowly: The game starts easy and gets harder bit by bit. This keeps you interested and wanting to play more.

B. Awesome Story:

Red Tie Runner has a story that makes you curious:

  • Solving mysteries: As you play, the game reveals a mysterious story. Clues and hints scattered in levels help you figure out the secrets behind the red tie.
  • Characters without faces: Even though the characters don’t have faces, you still feel like you know them. They act in a way that makes you care about them.
  • Feelings in a game: Red Tie Runner talks about things like not giving up, staying strong, and being yourself. These themes make you feel something while playing.

C. Technical Stuff:

The game looks and sounds great:

  • Pretty graphics: Red Tie Runner uses cool pixel art that feels both old and new. Bright colors and detailed backgrounds make the game world lively.
  • Music that fits: The music changes based on what you’re doing in the game. It adds to the fun and makes you feel more part of the story.
  • Works well everywhere: Red Tie Runner runs smoothly on different devices. It’s always fun, no matter where you play it.

VI. Construct 3 Pixel Speedrun: Making Pixel Games

Making pixel games that people love involves some key things:

  • Controls that feel right: Pixel speedrun games need controls that are exact. Players should do exactly what they want when they press a button.
  • Levels that are tough but fair: Game levels should be challenging, but not too hard. People of all skill levels should enjoy playing.
  • Looks like old games: Pixel art is a must. It gives your game that classic video game vibe everyone loves.
  • Keeps you playing: A good pixel speedrun game makes you want to keep playing to get better and beat your own times.

How Construct 3 Helps:

Construct 3 is like a helper for making pixel games:

  • No code needed: You don’t have to be a coding pro. Construct 3 lets you make complex game stuff without typing a single line of code.
  • Physics made easy: Make things in your game move just right with Construct 3’s physics tools. It adds a cool challenge to your game.
  • Backgrounds that move: Construct 3 helps you create backgrounds that move differently, making your game look even cooler.
  • Share everywhere: Easily share your pixel game on different devices. It’s like showing off your creation to the whole world.

Tools and Help:

For making pixel games, you need:

  • Pixel art tools: Use tools like Aseprite or Pyxel Edit to make stunning pixel art for your game.
  • Sounds and music: Add sounds and music that match your pixel style and make your game more fun.
  • Talk to others: Join online groups to chat with people who also make games with construct 3 games. Share your ideas, get feedback, and learn from others.

VII. Throw a Potato Construct 3: A Crazy Game

Throw a Potato is not like other games—it’s a bit crazy:

  • Simple fun: Just throw potatoes at each other and laugh. It’s easy but super funny.
  • Play with friends: You can play with friends and have a big potato fight. It’s chaos, but that’s what makes it awesome.
  • Dress up your potatoes: Put hats and stuff on your potato characters. It’s a small touch, but it adds more fun.

Techie Stuff:

Making a potato-throwing game is more technical than you’d think:

  • Realistic potatoes: The game uses a special system to make the potatoes move realistically. It adds to the craziness.
  • Funny characters: The potatoes have funny animations that make you chuckle.

Why It’s Different:

Throw a Potato shows how creative Construct 3 can be:

  • Not the usual game: It’s not a regular game, but that’s what makes it special. Construct 3 can bring even wild ideas to life.

Construct 3 isn’t just for serious games—it’s for fun, crazy, and creative ones too.

Credits : Gigantic

VIII. Wrapping Up the Construct 3 Adventure

In our journey through Construct 3, we’ve seen cool things like an easy-to-use design, a way to make games without typing code, and features like working together in real-time. We also checked out how tagging can make organizing games super easy. All these powers make Construct 3 a game creator’s dream, no matter if you’re a pro or just starting.

Construct 3 is like a friend who says, “Hey, you can make games too.” It’s not hard to get started, and you don’t need to be a coding expert. Whether you’re a game-making pro or someone just starting, Construct 3 gives you a comfy space to let your creativity run wild and try out making games.

Games like Red Tie Runner and Throw a Potato show that games can be anything you want. You don’t have to follow the usual rules. Construct 3 is like a magical toolbox that lets you try out crazy and fun ideas. So, if you’ve got a wild game idea, Construct 3 is there to help you bring it to life.

IX. Extra Help for Your Game-Making Journey

A. Cool Tutorials to Learn Construct 3:

B. Awesome Reads for Game Dev Fans:

  • The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell
  • Level Up.: The Guide to Great Video Game Design by Steve Swink
  • Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystrom

C. Hang Out and Get Support:

These tools and resources are like your secret weapons for learning Construct 3 and diving deep into the world of game development. By using them and joining the lively Construct 3 community, you can unlock your creative side and turn your game-making dreams into reality. Happy gaming.


What is Construct 3?

Construct 3 is a game-making tool that uses pictures and dragging to help everyone, even if you’ve never coded before, make their own games. It has an easy layout, and you can use it to create all kinds of games.

Why is Construct 3 special?

Construct 3 is different because you don’t need to type lots of code like in other tools. It uses pictures and makes game creation easier, especially for newbies and artists.

What kinds of games can I make with Construct 3?

You can make lots of game types with construct 3 games —like jumping games, puzzles, story games, and even speedy pixel games.

Do I need to know how to code to use Construct 3?

Nope. You don’t need to know any code to use Construct 3. It lets you build your game by clicking and dragging, making it super easy for anyone.

Can I put my Construct 3 games on different places?

Yes, you can. Construct 3 lets you share your games on computers, the internet, phones (like iPhones and Androids), and even game consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Where can I learn about Construct 3?

You can learn Construct 3 from its official guides and talk to others on its forums. Also, there are many videos on YouTube and online classes that teach you more.

Can I work on my games with friends in Construct 3?

Yes, you can. Construct 3 lets many people work on the same game at the same time. It helps you work faster and talk to your friends while making cool stuff.

Is Construct 3 good for beginners?

Definitely. Construct 3 is easy to understand, and you don’t need to know hard things to start making your games.

How is Construct 3 different from other game tools?

Construct 3 is great for newbies and using pictures, but other tools like Unity and Unreal Engine have more tricky things for people who know a lot about making games. You pick what’s best for you.

Where can I get more info about Construct 3?

You can find lots of helpful things on the Construct 3 website, like guides, forums, and extra things to add to your games. Also, check out videos on YouTube and game-making websites for more tips.

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