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New Assets in Unity Asset Store for In-App Purchases and Ads

Do you know how much effort goes into creating an awesome Unity game? Picture this – your game’s worlds are filled with sparkle, the characters are charming, and the gameplay is super exciting. In this blog I will share new assets in Unity Asset Store for In-App Purchases and Ads.

Now, you might be wondering, do you know how to turn this creative masterpiece into something that can make money in the long run? Don’t worry, especially if you’re a game development enthusiast. That’s where the Unity Asset Store comes in – it’s like a hidden treasure chest full of tools that are just right for unlocking the special magic that lets you make money from in-app purchases (IAP) and ads.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best tools available, so you can be well-prepared to change your passion project into a place where you can earn profits.

Credits : Smart Penguins

IAP for More Revenue:

  1. Easy IAP: A tool to make adding virtual money, subscriptions, and cool items super easy, no tricky coding needed.
  2. In-App Purchase Kit: For more power, it helps with complicated stuff like different types of subscriptions and regional pricing. Make special offers to keep players interested.
  3. StoreKit Framework: Great news for Apple developers. This helps with everything you need for App Store purchases, so you can focus on your game.
  4. IAP Security Bundle: Keeps your in-app transactions safe from bad guys, adding strong security measures for player protection and your earnings.
  5. Unity IAP Analytics: Understand what players buy and why. This tool gives you a closer look at player behavior so you can plan your strategy better.

Ads for Extra Cash:

  1. Unity Monetization: A complete solution to connect your game with popular ad networks. No fuss integration for ads that fit into your game without being annoying.
  2. IronSource Unity SDK: Boost your money from ads using this favorite in the industry. It’s like a smart tool that helps you get the most money from every ad shown.
  3. Chartboost Rewarded Video Ads: Keep players happy and earn by showing videos. Players get rewards, and you get more cash.
  4. Unity IAP + AdManager: This dynamic duo combines strong in-app purchase features with smart tools for managing ads. One place for everything.
  5. Interstitial Ads Pro: Time your ads just right. This tool lets you pick when ads show up based on what’s happening in your game, so they don’t mess with the fun.

Tips for Success:

  • Start Subtle: Add in-app purchases and ads slowly so they feel like a natural part of the game. Don’t be too pushy, or it might bother players.
  • Offer Value: Make sure the things players can buy and the rewards from ads are really cool. That way, players will want to spend money.
  • A/B Testing Helps: Try out different in-app purchase offers, ad styles, and where you put them in the game. Use data to make smart choices that help you make more money.
  • Be Honest: Tell players how in-app purchases and ads work in your game. Building trust with players means they’ll stick around, and you’ll keep making money.

With these tools and tips from the Unity Asset Store, you can turn your game into a successful money-maker. Remember, a great game finds the perfect balance between fun gameplay and making money. Share your favorite Unity Asset Store finds for in-app purchases and ads in the comments below. Let’s create a community of money-making experts.

Be an Expert in In-App Purchases and Ads

We found some great tools from the Unity Store to help you make money. Now, let’s go deeper and learn some easy tricks to become a pro at adding things to your game and showing ads.

IAP: Making Awesome Offers

  1. Know Your Friends:Think about the people who play your game. Are they younger or older? What do they like? Knowing this helps you make things they want to buy. Like, younger players might like cool looks, while older ones might want things that make the game easier. Learn about your players and make things they’ll like.
  2. Value is Super Important:Some things look really cool, but it’s better if they also help you play the game better. Like, a super strong weapon or a special level pack is better than just changing how something looks. People are more likely to buy useful things.
  3. Bundle It Up:Make buying things more exciting! Put together popular things or give discounts when people buy a bunch of stuff at once. It’s like getting more for their money, and everyone likes a good deal.
  4. Make it Special:Sometimes, you can make things for a short time or just for some players. This makes them feel like they have to get it quickly, and they might buy it without thinking too much. But don’t do it too often, or people might not trust you.
  5. Test Things Out:Try different prices and ways of showing things to see what people like the most. This helps you make choices that make more money and keep players happy.

Ads: Finding the Right Balance

  1. Make Sense with Ads:Put ads in your game in a way that makes sense. Like, show a video ad after finishing a hard level or during a break in the game. Don’t interrupt important parts like big boss battles.
  2. Give Rewards:Sometimes, ask players to watch ads and give them something cool in the game. It could be extra money, special powers, or exclusive things. This makes watching ads fun for players.
  3. Change Things Up:Don’t always show the same kind of ads. Mix it up with different types so players don’t get bored. Like, use banners, full-screen ads, and videos at different times.
  4. Not Too Many Ads:Putting too many ads can make players not like your game. Start with a few in good spots and see how players react. If they’re okay with it, you can show more, but always make sure the game stays fun.
  5. Check How Things are Going:Use tools to see how well ads are doing. Find out which ones make the most money and where to put them. Always try to make things better based on what you learn.

Bonus Tip: Be Personal

Try to make things special for each player. Suggest things they might like to buy based on how they play, and change ads to fit what they like. This makes the game more interesting for them.

By using these tricks and the Unity Store tools, you can make your Unity game really good at making money. Remember, it’s important to find the right balance between fun game, cool things to buy, and not too many ads. With a bit of imagination and looking at what players like, you can make your game a money-making superstar.

Useful Links

In-App Purchases:


Additional Resources:


In-App Purchases (IAP):

  1. What are the best Unity Asset Store tools for basic IAP implementation?
    • Simple IAP and In-App Purchase Kit are popular options for easy integration of virtual currencies, subscriptions, and consumable items.
  2. I’m developing for iOS. Are there specific tools for App Store IAP?
    • Yes, StoreKit Framework handles all your App Store IAP needs, from product configuration to purchase verification.
  3. How can I secure my IAP transactions from fraud?
    • The IAP Security Bundle implements robust security measures to protect both players and your profits.
  4. How can I track how players are interacting with IAP items?
    • Unity IAP Analytics provides valuable insights into purchase behavior, helping you tailor your IAP strategy for maximum impact.


  1. Which Unity Asset Store tool offers the best ad network integration?
    • Unity Monetization simplifies ad integration with popular networks, while IronSource Unity SDK excels at ad mediation for optimal revenue.
  2. How can I use rewarded video ads without annoying players?
    • Chartboost Rewarded Video Ads incentivize ad viewing with relevant in-game rewards, creating a win-win scenario.
  3. Can I manage both IAP and ads from one tool?
    • Yes, Unity IAP + AdManager combines seamless IAP integration with smart ad management features.
  4. What are some best practices for ad placement to avoid disrupting gameplay?
    • Interstitial Ads Pro allows you to customize ad placement based on gameplay events, ensuring minimal disruption.


  1. How can I ensure my IAP offers and ads are balanced and ethical?
    • Prioritize player experience, offer valuable items/rewards, and be transparent about how IAP and ads work.
  2. Where can I find more resources and community support for monetizing my Unity game?
    • Utilize Unity documentation, relevant blog posts, case studies, and online communities like the Unity forums for insights and advice.

Bonus FAQ:

  1. Can I personalize IAP offers and ad content based on player data?
    • Yes, many tools allow for personalization based on demographics, preferences, and behavior, which can improve conversion rates and player engagement.

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