Terms of Service

  1. Terms and Conditions

Ayat Gaming Studio parent entity of Gamelauncher.net has created this Terms of Services. Ayat Gaming Studio reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions, either partially or entirely, at any given time. These modifications will be effective upon their posting on the website. By utilizing our website, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms.

  1. Trade Marks

The rightful owners of the materials featured on this site will retain their ownership rights over said materials.

  1. Developer Terms and Conditions

All materials you upload will be publicly visible on the website, except for paid files, which will only be accessible to buyers who have purchased your content. By clicking ‘submit’ and upon approval of your product on this site, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions, forming a legal agreement between you and Ayat Gaming Studio. If you are uploading files and content on behalf of a company, you confirm that you have the legal authority to do so and to bind your company to the terms and conditions outlined here. Additionally, by submitting, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

  1. Game Developers

Ayat Gaming Studio retains complete and independent rights to:

Decline granting you a developer account.

Suspend your account without prior notice.

  • Ayat Gaming Studio is not obligated to explain the reasons for rejecting your account request or for suspending your account. You are solely authorised and responsible for all access and usage of the website using your username and password. If there is any unauthorised use of your login credentials, you must promptly inform Ayat Gaming Studio.
  1. Copyright Infringements And DMCA TAKEDOWN NOTICES

If you believe there has been a copyright violation of your products, please send this information via email to support@gamelauncher.net. When emailing, please include the following details:

  • Your name, address, and email
  • For businesses, the business name and address
  • A link and explanation of the copyrighted materials’ location

Evidence of your ownership of the copyrighted material

  • We will investigate your report and may request additional information if necessary to proceed with the inquiry.


By submitting each product to the Ayat Gaming Studio marketplace, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which authorize us to act on your behalf in filing DMCA takedown notices.

We will file these DMCA takedown notices as your representatives if you inform us of a listing/infringement of your work on another website that you did not authorize for sale.

  1. Ayat Gaming Studio’s Role

Developers retain full ownership of the codes they choose to list on this site, and Ayat Gaming Studio does not claim any ownership rights or usage rights to the uploaded codes. Ayat Gaming Studio does not oversee or take responsibility for the quality, legality, or safety of the content or codes that are bought and downloaded from this site. Ayat Gaming Studio does not guarantee that any materials on the site do not violate the intellectual property rights of others. If you suspect a copyright infringement, you can report it in accordance with section 5 of this agreement.

  1. Website Usage and Maintenance

Ayat Gaming Studio reserves the right to limit or completely suspend access to the site for individual users or shut down the site entirely. The site may be temporarily unavailable for maintenance at Ayat Gaming Studio’s discretion. These actions may be taken without prior notice, and Ayat Gaming Studio will not be held responsible for any losses resulting from these actions.

  1. Fees and Services

Registering on the site as a buyer or developer is free of charge. Buyers are responsible for paying for the products they purchase. If a buyer is in Europe and purchases as an individual (not for a company), VAT will be added according to MOSS VAT laws. Developers receive a commission for each product sold on the site. Buyers can make purchases using credit cards and PayPal. Developers are paid through PayPal or Payoneer, and they are responsible for any fees and costs associated with receiving their commissions.

  1. Developer’s Accuracy of Information

When you apply to be a developer on this website, you affirm that all the information provided about you and your business is entirely accurate and current.

  1. Protection of Data and Privacy

Ayat Gaming Studio cannot ensure the complete security of your data and any content uploaded to this website. However, we do have our own security measures in place to manage and safeguard all the data on our platform.

11. Payments

Earnings will be processed according to the following guidelines:

– A minimum balance of $100 is required to request a payout.

– Payouts will be facilitated through PayPal or Payoneer.

– If earnings are below $100, the payout will occur 120 days after the last purchase on the developer’s account.

– The developer is responsible for any necessary fees and costs associated with receiving commissions.

– SellMyApp is authorized to deduct amounts from your commissions for refunds, chargebacks, or unauthorized transactions.

– If a buyer requests a refund within 30 days due to reasons such as product description discrepancies, broken code, or functionality issues, the buyer will receive a full refund. This applies if the buyer’s claim aligns with our refund policy and appears valid.

12. Purchasing Products

Orders placed on this platform cannot be cancelled. If you believe there is a specific reason for a refund request that does not fit within our refund policy, please email your request to support@gamelauncher.net. SellMyApp reserves the right to reject refund requests that do not comply with our policy.

13. Selling Games

  • As a game developer, you guarantee to Ayat Gaming Studio and buyers that your games:
  • – Are fully owned by you, including all intellectual property rights.
  • – Do not infringe upon copyrights or intellectual properties of others.
  • – Have not been stolen.
  • – Do not contain harassing or unlawful content.
  • – Are suitable for age groups under 18 and are free from pornographic or malicious material.
  • – Are void of spyware, malware, or any harmful code for computers, smartphones, or tablets.
  • – Will not lead to termination of service from an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • – Do not violate the laws of any state.

13.1 Additional Terms for Selling Games on Our Site

  • – All games listed on this site undergo a review by the Ayat Gaming Studio team.
  • – Ayat Gaming Studio reserves the right to decline your game listing at its sole discretion without explanation.
  • – If any of your uploaded games are found to violate the site’s terms and conditions, Ayat Gaming Studio may suspend your account. Any earned funds will only be returned after dispute resolution. If there is sufficient evidence of a violation of this agreement, Ayat Gaming Studio reserves the right to deny stored commissions.
  • – We retain the right to edit prices and listing content at our discretion.
  • – Any listed item may be removed without notice and without obligation to provide a reason. There will be no refunds for losses due to removal of your games from the site.
  • – Ayat Gaming Studio is not responsible for how buyers choose to use your games.
  • – You agree that your games and creative materials may be used in promotional and marketing materials to promote the site, including images and preview videos.
  • – Approved items are listed for a minimum of 9 months from approval.
  • – During this listing period, you may freely list your games on other marketplaces, but you may not grant exclusivity to other platforms for these items.
  • – In case of requests for item removal due to exclusivity agreements with other marketplaces, the agreement with Ayat Gaming Studio will take precedence.
  • Feel free to make any adjustments or let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to modify.


  • We at Ayat Gaming Studio do not exclude any rights that cannot be excluded by law, but we do exclude all other implied conditions and warranties. Unless provided by these non-excludable rights:
  • – All content, materials, and products on this site are provided AS IS and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES.
  • – Ayat Gaming Studio cannot guarantee that the site is free of errors, and we cannot guarantee that the server hosting the site is free of viruses or other harmful components.

15. Commissions

  • As a developer, you authorize Ayat Gaming Studio to deduct its commission from each sale you make.
  • Commissions may vary based on agreements.
  • Developers are entitled to a commission of 60% for each code they sell.
  • Developers will only receive commissions from the sale of their source codes. Any additional services provided by Ayat Gaming Studio, such as reskin jobs, graphic designs, audio packs, metadata/ASO, etc., and all income generated from these services belong solely to Ayat Gaming Studio. By becoming a developer on our site, you agree to these terms.
  • There are commission fees that will be applied to each sold product. These fees are determined solely by Ayat Gaming Studio and are subject to change.

16. Prohibited Behavior

  • By using the website and its services, you agree not to:
  • – Provide false email addresses or information.
  • – Include your own or others’ advertisements for commercial or promotional purposes.
  • – Engage in spamming, flooding, email or personal information harvesting, spidering, “screen scraping,” “database scraping,” or any other activity aimed at gathering user lists or information. This includes sending chain letters or pyramid schemes through the Site.
  • – Attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems through the Site.
  • You also agree not to use the Site in a way that could harm, disable, overload, or disrupt it, or interfere with others’ use and enjoyment of the Site.
  • Ayat Gaming Studio reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, if there has been a violation of these terms and may suspend your account without notice or explanation.

17. Community Guidelines

  • You are responsible for the content you post on the site. While we reserve the right, we are not obligated to edit, review, or modify user-posted content. Ayat Gaming Studio reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to block or remove content that violates our terms or contains violent or offensive language.

18. Responsibility

  • You are solely responsible for any direct or indirect claims and expenses (including legal fees) arising from:
  • – Any products you upload to the site.
  • – Your use of the site.
  • – Any content, graphics, or files you upload to the site.
  • – Any breaches of the terms and conditions in this agreement.

19. Dispute Resolution

  • Any disputes will be under the jurisdiction of the Court of West Bengal, India.

20. Definitions

  • In these Terms and Conditions:
  • – “Developer” refers to an individual who applied to become a developer on Ayat Gaming Studio, completed a form with their details, and agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • – “Buyers” refers to individuals or companies that purchase a product or service on this site.
  • – “We” or “us” refers to Ayat Gaming Studio.
  • – “Our site” or “this site” refers to Ayat Gaming Studio.
  • – “You” or “your” refers to developers or buyers using Ayat Gaming Studio.